In honor of your guardian angel, an angel on the end closure along with a smoky quartz to protect and amplify focus.

Amajo’s Mystic Bracelets is a creative outlet inspired by my grandmother, Eleanor, who is my guardian angel.  Each bracelet has an angel on the end to honor your own angel.

The healing properties of gems are based upon the Laying of Hands.  The idea is to focus healing thoughts to various parts of your body.  When you focus healing in coordination with a gem that represents that area of the body, then the healing energy you send surrounds that area.

Your chakra is an imaginary rainbow of your body.  Imagine Purple at the top of your head and Red at the base of your spine.

  • Crown Chakra – Purple (top of head): Spritual
  • Third Eye Chakra – Dark Blue (eyes and ears): Intuition
  • Throat Chakra – Light Blue (throat): Communication
  • Heart Chakra – Green and Pink (Chest): Love/Soul Mate
  • Stomach Chakra – Yellow (Stomach): Energy Vitality
  • Sacral Chakra – Orange (Lower Back): Lust for Life/Creativity
  • Base Chakra – Red (Tailbone): Security/Finances

Think of a chakra as a way to categorize a color associated with a part of the body and area of focus.  For example, the heart chakra is represented by pink and green stones.  The belief is that if you focus on healing your breathing, or lungs, you would wear a pink or green stone to help you focus your healing thoughts to those areas.

Personally, I leave an amethyst in my pillow case to let my Gram know that she can come visit me at any time.

Whether you are here for the healing properties, or if you simply like the look or feel of these light-weight bracelets, enjoy the site.  – Amy